About Us

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Low’s Cap Seal Sdn Bhd is a leading global manufacturer of closure liners and seals for plastic and glass containers. Our innovative products provide airtight barrier protection and tamper evidence to preserve the integrity of the contents.



Established in 1992, Low’s Cap Seal Sdn Bhd started with only a few punching machines and a mini laminator. Today, Low’s Cap Seal has expanded to become one of industry leaders, supplying more than more than 1 billions pieces of seals annually to more than 25 countries in the world. In Malaysia, we are the sole manufacturer and supplier for closure liners and seals who is capable of providing an end-to-end solution to meet all the industry requirements.


Now, you can find our closure liners and seals on millions of items throughout the world, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agri-chemical and household/ industrial products. Our extensive partnership network in Asia, South Africa and South America enables us to support our customers’ needs all around the world.


At Low’s Cap Seal Sdn Bhd, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and food safety by complying with the ISO 22000:2015 and HACCP international standard. This means that strict operating procedures and quality system are in place and are followed throughout each phase of our production process.


Our Mission :

We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best solution for all their needs. To achieve that, we will improve our products and services continuously by listening to the “voice of our customers”. We are committed to become the leader of the industry and provide our customers with products and services that exceed their needs.


 We Export To :


- Malaysia - Thailand - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia
- Singapore - Vietnam - Egypt - South Africa
- Indonesia - Taiwan - Dubai - South America
- Philippines - India - Oman