Enercon-Super Seal Touch


Model : Super Seal Touch
Cooling System :Air Cooled
Input Voltage : 200V-240v
Cap Diameter : standard 24-120mm /else custom made 

Enercon-Super Seal Max



Model : Super Seal Max
Cooling System Air Cooled
Input Voltage :200V-240v
Cap Diameter standard 24-120mm /else custom made

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Advantage of Sealing



The advantages of sealing up a bottle

     1.   Tamper Evident - A seal guards against tampering and show if the product has been violated

     2.   Leak Proof - Eliminates Costly and messy recalls due to product leakage

     3.   Increased Life - Seals form an airtight barrier to lock in freshness

     4.   Reduced Pilferage - A sealed container discourages a pilferer

     5.   Enhances Confidence - The consumer is confidence he/she is getting a genuine product



With induction sealing comes numerous benefits to your sustainability efforts and if your're not using an induction seal, it's possible you are missing an opportunity to further light-weight your packaging.


Only with the use of induction seal an you reduce closure and container material, including the tamper band, and still be 100% confident you will have a package that provides a hermetic seal, ensures product freshness, and gives consumers peace of mind when opening the package.


 Sealing Process

- IHS Liner consists of four different types of element namely Paper, Wax Aluminium Foil and Sealing Medium.


 - IHS liner inserted firmly into the cap.


 - The cap shall be tightened until the sealing medium contact completely with the rim of container prior heating process.


 - Heat is applied over the cap, subsequently transmitted into the aluminium foil. the immediate reaction will cause the sealing medium and wax to melt.


 - Once the cap is removed from the container, the aluminium foil and sealing medium would bond to the rim of the container whereas the wax is being absorbed by the paper which would attach to the cap.




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