I.H.S One pcs PET/EPE 0.16/20/Peelable (PE,PP,PET,PVC)

CHECKSEALpeelable - is a one-pieces seal insert put to use to enable the peelable induction sealing of untreated jars and also synthetic containers made of PE, PP, PET and PVC.

This lining material may be used for many applications, in the beverage and foodstuff industries, including fruit juices, energetic drinks, dairy sauces, spreads spices, vitamin products, and more

In addition, it also has an oxygen absorbing function. It's tamper proof due to its sealing function and once closed and sealed also protects the product by absorbing oxygen found in the ullage, or oxygen, which may have entered the bottle after a period of time. CHECKSEALpeelable is easy to use and remove.



CHECKSEALwelded, is our high grade range of board or foam backed wax laminated two piece induction foils. CHECKSEALwelded is suitable for use within the chemical (including agro-chemical), mineral and edible-oil products industries. The substrate material and the sealing layers can vary, depending on the contents and the material of the container.

CHECKSEALwelded, is a strong seal, when after removal, leave an aluminum residue left on the container a board re-seal in the cap.


EPE Liner

CHECKSEALfoam, is our brand name for closed-polyethylene foam. It is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage.

CHECKSEALfoam was especially developed as a seal material for aluminum and plastic closures. CHECKSEALfoam is particularly suitable for compensating tolerances in the interaction between the closure and the container's neck.


Torque Seal

CHECKSEALsensitive closure liner is designed to be used as an inner seal to seal solid product, such as dry food and pharmaceutical. This liner provide tight inner seal an also serves as a protective seal on both glass and plastic. The seal ability of the liner may vary due to surrounding temperature, application torque and the age of the product especially when the CHECKSEALsensitive closure liner adhesive coating is exposed to the air and light. Prospective users are urged to re-test for their specific application before use.


CHECKSEAL is guide to Printing and Branding Induction seals here

When the consumer removes the closure, the innerseal becomes the focal point of the package and an ideal platform for strategic communications. A few printed graphics which are shown below.

When the consumer removes the closure, their attention is focused 100% on the induction seal liner. The induction seal is the last piece of the package a consumer will remove before their first use and first impression of your product. Contact us today to learn more on growing your market share with branded seals.






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