Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd is established since 1992, formerly known as Unicut. We started as a converter, which importing raw material and punching materials in Malaysia. After 3 years of research and development, we have our owned technology of producing Induction Heat Seal (I.H.S) Liners. We started manufacturing Induction Heat Seal (I.H.S) Liners in 1996 and became the first Malaysia Induction Heat Seal (I.H.S) Liners manufacturer.



Achievement :

With 16 years of experience in manufacturing Induction Heat Seal (I.H.S) Liners, our technology became mature and our product reliable. In the year of 2012, our output is more than 700 million pieces of I.H.S Liners. We are major supplier of Induction Heat Seal (I.H.S) Liners for Malaysia market. At the same time, Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd are exporting more than 16 countries in the world.


Our Mission :

Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd mission is to provide our customer with extremely high levels of responsiveness and flexibility in serving and determining their packaging needs-levels unmatched by anyone in our industry.


LCS Today :

In Malaysia, basically we are the main and major supplier for Cap Seals and Liners with more than 400 customer from end manufacturer, traders, machinery companies, packaging companies, plastic and closures companies and etc. For oversea market, we start explored into this area since year 2000, Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd currently manufacturer and supply to more than 24 countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and South America. In the year of 2011, Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd manufacturer and supply billion's of Induction Seals to export market. By March 2013, Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd will make investment and major renovation on our existing manufacturer plant. After the completion of this renovation, Low's Cap Seal Sdn Bhd will able to cater more new countries and more bigger customer as we will add on additional 300% capacity.


 We Export To :


- Malaysia - Thailand - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia
- Singapore - Vietnam - Iran - South Africa
- Indonesia - Taiwan - Dubai - South America
- Philippines - India - Oman - Egypt
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